Set your working schedule on Nutrium's calendar

Our new feature is here! From now on, any professional who uses Nutrium in their nutrition business can set their working schedule in the software calendar.

Do you have different workplaces and your secretaries find it challenging to manage your agenda? Do you want to set your lunchtime?

Then this feature was made for you!

Keep reading to find out how this new feature will transform the daily routine of your nutrition practice.

How to set your working schedule?

To set your working time in Nutrium, you just need to click on the icon at the top of the calendar.

Then, you should establish your working days and choose the working hours for each one of them. If your working hours are the same in different days, you just need to copy them to the other days of the week.

Do you want to set your lunchtime or set your workplaces apart? We thought about that too!

You just need to click on the "+" right in front of the hour and set a new time interval. If you have several workplaces, you just need to associate each workplace to each time interval.

How does your working schedule appear on Nutrium's calendar?

Now your calendar is going to be more user-friendly. If you have several workplaces a different color will be attributed to each of them, the different openings in your schedule will show with the color of the corresponding workplace.

Openings outside the times you set will show in light grey. However, if you filter the calendar by workplace, the openings which correspond to the non selected workplaces(s) will also show in grey.

If you try to schedule an appointment in one of your workplaces at the same time as an appointment in another workplace, the software will warn you, and you will get a message. As a professional, you can proceed and schedule the appointment.

What will change for your secretary?

This new feature will also bring some changes to your secretary.

From now on, a secretary associated with a workplace will not be able to see the calendar of other workplaces or schedule an appointment outside of the working hours of the workplace she is associated with.

If you have the same secretary for different workplaces, they will not be able to schedule an appointment in a workplace in the same opening of another workplace. Unlike you who, as a professional, will only be notified as mentioned above.

What do you think of this new feature? Do you have any other ideas that we can implement in the software to improve your daily routine? Your suggestions are always welcome. Let us know your thoughts!

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