Welcome to Nutrium Blog

We proudly announce the launch of our blog where you will be able to know more about our product and service and follow us along in this recent journey.

So, what is Nutrium?

Nutrium is software for nutritionists, dietitians and clinics that aims to simplify their most complex tasks, like creating, planning and analysing meal plans, the nutrition calculations as well as the management and analysis of information.

The improvement and simplification of the patient's follow-up by his professional are, in our opinion, the feature that stands out on our product. As such, providing a totally new experience for nutritional monitoring.

Therefore, at the end of nutrition consultation, the patient will have the meal plan, prescribed by his nutritionist, on his mobile device, through our app that will be available soon.

The patient will be notified at mealtime with their planned meals and more than that, after the meal, he will be able to tell if he followed the professional indications.

These validations will allow a real-time follow-up and the detection and anticipation of issues on the meal plan that might be fixed right away or in the next appointment.

Alongside with data about witch meals the patient is having difficulties complying, the professionals will also be able to access additional information about the patient's physical activity thanks to the integration with platforms such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

At the moment, the beta version of our product is available for free at beta.nutrium.io. If you are interested in using our solution, please register here!

See some images of our beta version, and feel free to try it!

Do you know what our commitment is?

In an era where more and more people are affected by multiple diseases caused by an unbalanced diet, our goal is to help qualified professionals improve the eating habits of their patients.

One of the major causes for the meal plan's non-compliance is the lack of patient's motivation in following the prescribed plan rigorously. To prevent this problem, one of the main characteristics of our product is the utilisation of technology to continuously support and motivate the patient improving his eating habits and consequently reaching his goals.

What kind of content will be published?

This blog will be our primary communication channel and will be used to publish news, tutorials, releases and updates about our product.

We also will be publishing articles related to scientific investigation, news and thoughts about nutrition and wellness in general.

Last but not least, we will write posts about the technologies and methodologies that we use in the development of our product.

Stay tuned! The next publication is coming right away and will bring news about our company.

(Este artigo também está disponível em português em blog.nutrium.io/pt/bem-vindo)