The importance of a nutritional software from the perspective of a nutritionist

In this article, written by Dr. Teresa Campos, nutritionist and founder of Nutrémia Nutrition Clinic, it is described the professional lack that it is felt as well as the added value found at Nutrium for herself and her consultations.

Need for IT support

As a nutritionist, for over 11 years, I have always felt the need for an IT support that enabled me to collect and analyse the data obtained at the first visit and throughout the patient's follow-up, such as:

  • Your anthropometric data (weight, body composition, body perimeters, among others);
  • Your medical history of diseases;
  • Biochemical blood and urine tests;
  • Gastrointestinal disorders and food allergies;
  • Description of preferences and eating habits;
  • Evaluation of physical exercise and associated energy expenditures;

From this collecting in each visit, I kept defining guidelines from one consultation into another in order to achieve the results expected by the patient and to be able to demonstrate the numerical and graphical evolution of that same patient.

Excel solution and postconsultation task

In order to meet this need, I have structured an excel sheet that allowed me to compile all this data and that could also be an interface for the patient, offering him security and serving as a communication and motivation tool with regard to his therapeutic route.

This work requires necessarily a subsequent study to the consultation in order to specify some nutritional assessments, particularly in relation to micronutrients, if we are aiming to offer all the professional support and customize dietary recommendations.

Nutrium as an essential asset for professionals

The combination with updated information of nutritional composition tables, biochemical analyses and respective goal setters have to, naturally arise, the need for tools allowing the processing of all clinical information and on time access to all the energetic and nutritional needs of the patient, shortening the time spent on calculations that cannot keep on "wasting" both the patient and nutritionist’s time, for a better management of their own agenda.

Thus, I chose very well from the beginning the Nutrium young team’s purpose and product, which includes technical skills, motivation and interest in improving the nutritional software that I long desired as a nutritionist and that will be an asset for nutritionists in general.

I will continue to monitor the project, setting aside for the next article, nutrition advice and software technical tutorials from the perspective of a nutritionist.

As stated above, this was the first article of Dr. Teresa Campos on our blog, who will briefly introduce more articles with technical tutorials of Nutrium in the viewpoint of a nutritionist.

Keep following our blog for more articles, created by professionals who will help you to realize the benefits of our software for your daily life!

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