"I was amazed at how it worked and how easy it is" ― R. Murali

Nutrium is a software that has been changing the lives of professionals all over the world. Now we want to take you to India and share the experience of R. Murali.

Murali has been counting on Nutrium to deliver the best nutritional counselling to his clients. He is the owner of a clinic in India which not only focus on improving clients' eating habits but also on improving their general health and lifestyle.

"Clients feel great as they have an app which sends them reminders of what to eat and they can interact with me at any time if need be. They feel highly motivated by being connected with me."

We asked him a few questions about his experience and this is the final result.

How did you find Nutrium and why did you decide to give it a try?

I found Nutrium via the internet when searching for a diet planner software. I first ignored it considering it will not be of much help and tried others, but after two weeks of using them, I felt they were not user-friendly and moreover they did not suit my geography as they did not list foods or menu based on region.

Then once again my search started and finally I decided to give Nutrium a try and for a couple of days read reviews and watched videos and then took a trial. On day 2 I was amazed at how it worked and how easy it is to use and I regretted not choosing it in the first place.

The software saved me lots of money in the process as other diet planner app charged 4 times higher.

How do you think the software can help improve your work as a nutrition professional?

It is great in many ways, it helps maintain client details in one place and helps plan their diet programs based on various parameters not limited only to body composition analysis, and monitor progress as well.

This gives an edge professionally as my clients have high regard for my nutritional assessment and the recommendations I make, all thanks to Nutrium.

What are the best/most valuable features of the software?

The best part is I can prescribe accurately balanced diet programs based on macro and micronutrients of each individual.

It also calculates different levels of physical activity, from sedentary to an active lifestyle and gives best adaptation strategy to help them improve their fitness or fight lifestyle diseases.

What do your clients think of having their meal plan and recommendations available on the mobile app?

Clients feel great as they have an app which gives them reminders of what to eat and they can interact with me at any time if need be. They feel highly motivated by being connected with me.

In your opinion what makes Nutrium stand out from other nutrition software?

It is user-friendly, all my clients' documentation and details are in one place, it generates the best analysis report which is easily understood by clients, it is years ahead in employing such diet planner with much scientific accuracy, lastly, the best part is that it is much cheaper than any other diet planner apps available in the market.

Would you recommend Nutrium to other professionals? Why?

If you need to be more accurate in your recommendations and what to plan for your clients' fitness, then look no further than Nutrium as it gives you a broader picture of where your clients stand to gain and so does your business.

Knowing our professionals' experience with Nutrium is important so we can continue to improve and find better ways to make their work more efficient.

Come and see for yourself what Nutrium can do for you. Register now and enjoy our 14-day-free trial. We will help you every step of the way.