"I have never been happier to get a day work done" — Kurt Dixon

We are always doing our best to make Nutrium a valuable tool for our clients and for all dietitians who want to achieve better results with their nutrition clinic.

Our customers are always welcome to share their experience and to give their opinion about the software.

In this testimonial, Kurt Dixon shares how Nutrium has improved his daily tasks. He is responsible for Body Refined a program that focuses on a uniquely individualized, professional lifestyle & weight management to promote well-being.

"Over the years I have used many programs to help me with my practice. At times, I was using multiple programs at once because there wasn’t a program that included everything I needed.

With Nutrium, I can do everything I need for my clients all in one system. Scheduling, reminders, nutrition planning & analysis, record keeping for just about all measurements (body composition & measurements, blood tests, etc.) and instant messaging.

I can manage everything in a web-based dashboard which allows me to do my work just about anywhere with a browser and internet connection.

While my clients can access their information, and communicate with me via the messaging feature right from their phones with the Nutrium App.

The Nutrium developers are always open to suggestions and actually making the additions/changes which only makes the tool that much better because it is catered to the professionals that need this tool.

I have never been happier to get a day work done because Nutrium makes it that much easier, that more enjoyable."

Allowing professionals to give an improved and more personalized nutrition counseling is what thrive us to be better every day.