Search foods by specific nutrients

Nowadays we have available a great variety of foods which have similar nutritional composition. For this reason, is not always easy to know which food to recommend for different patients because some can be more beneficial than others.

Now you can sort any foods by the nutrients you wish to evaluate making your choices more appropriate and personalised for each patient.

Why is this important?

Most of the time our nutrition professionals struggle when deciding which foods to recommend to their patients in order to meet their demands in term of specific nutrients.

Now, in Nutrium when patients have special requirements for some nutrients, such as patients who have iron deficiency anaemia, it is easier to search for foods which provide higher rates of iron.

How to sort food by specific nutrient concentrations when creating meal plans?

On the Meals section, when creating the meal plan, you can search foods according to their highest or lowest content in any nutrient.
You can sort them by:

  • Macronutrients - energy, protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre content;
  • Micronutrients - vitamins and minerals

When clicking on the food which will be added to any meal of the meal plan, it is now possible to select the nutrient you want to evaluate by either higher or lower proportion.

It is also possible to search foods according to their specific nutrients content on the left side menu section Foods.

Analyzing different meals and the entire meal plan by nutrients

In the Analysis section of the meal plan is possible to check which foods have contributed to the highest or lowest content in any nutrient. You can see in what meal they have been added to, as well as their energetic value.

You can also check which foods contribute more significantly to a specific nutrient in each meal.

This new feature was only possible with a mutual effort with our professionals. By understanding what are their needs and what they value most when creating meal plans for their patients.

Leave us your suggestions and feedback so we can continue to get better every day.

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