Register your events on Nutrium calendar

Have you ever had issues when scheduling an appointment with clients because you had other commitments but forgot? Or has your secretary scheduled appointments when you were not available?

That can make some clients unsatisfied, and it can mean stress and workload, making it difficult to manage your nutrition practice properly. That is why working with a nutrition software that can handle all your agenda efficiently is a must-have when you are managing your nutrition business.

For that reason, we decided to improve the professional calendar on Nutrium, and now you can register your events, so you don't forget about them when booking new appointments.

The calendar is one of the most important tools in everyday life of any nutrition business because, in addition to seeing patients, nutrition professionals also attend conferences, workshops, training, meetings because of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

There needs to be a more efficient way to deal with all these different events, and the best way to do it is by having an updated calendar with all your information at all times.

Registering events

Now it is possible to register all of the events in the Nutrium calendar, blocking times in the calendar and preventing appointments from being scheduled at that time.

To register an event, you just need to click on the calendar and choose the option Register event.

After that, name the event, set the period of time you want and select - or not - the option 'Block Calendar'.

This option will notify you when you try to schedule an appointment at the same time as this event, and it will also prevent your secretaries from scheduling appointments at this time. Check here what else they can do.

Your calendar will look like this: the events will be marked in blue, and you will be able to distinguish them from patients birthdays and scheduled appointments.

Your secretary will also have access to the blocked times represented in grey.

For data safety purposes, secretaries will not be able to see the title or type of events.

Was this the feature you were waiting for? Let us know your feedback and suggestions.

Our mission is to continue improving every day, and for that, we need your help.


Access Nutrium now and start registering all of your events on your calendar.

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