Referral program: Invite friends and get 100% OFF

More often than not you find yourself commenting about Nutrium with your friends and other nutrition professionals? Then this referral program was mainly though for you.

Now, you can win free months and discounts by inviting your friends to Nutrium.

Best of all? If 5 friends subscribe you get to enjoy Nutrium for free!

Keep reading to learn all you can benefit from this program.

All of these advantages just for you

Every time you recommend our software you'll be helping us grow. That is why we decided to offer you several benefits in return:

  1. One month for free when 5 of your friends register to Nutrium;
  2. 20% OFF every time your friends subscribe to Nutrium;
  3. Free access to the software when 5 of your friends subscribe.

All these benefits and you still haven't started inviting?

Benefits for your friends

Did you think only you would win by sharing your links? Your friends can win too by using your discount code:

  1. 20% OFF on all subscription plans;
  2. They only need 4 additional friends to subscribe, so they get the software for free as well.

Make sure you are the first one to invite all your friends to start using the software to enjoy all these benefits.

How to start inviting

It's pretty simple to invite your friends and start winning right away.

You only need to follow these steps:

First step: Access your referral program page

To start, click here to access your referral program page.

In this page, you will be able to check your referral link, invite your friends and check who has already registered or subscribed.

Second step: Invite friends

After accessing the referral, program page is time to start inviting friends.

To do that, you have several options available:

  • Invite by e-mail and the software will send a personalised email inviting the friends you have listed;
  • Copy your link so you can share it through any platform (messages, WhatsApp...);
  • Share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

With these many options, there is not a chance that your nutrition professionals friends will be left out.

Third step: Wait, remind and invite more friends

After inviting your friends, you just need to wait that they register the software, fall in love with it, and subscribe.

You can follow-up on their actions on the referral program page or clicking in the icon that you find at the top of the software website.

Don't forget to remind your friends to enjoy this opportunity as well.

We've developed this program thinking about you and your colleagues so feel free to send us suggestions and also your feedback so we can continue to improve.

We hope that with this program we'll be able to continue growing together and be better every day.

This article does not substitute the terms and conditions of this referral program, you can learn more in here.