Simplify your tasks and monitor your patients with Nutrium

In this article we present you the Meal Plans version of Nutrium, which has as main objectives to simplify and streamline the tasks of the dietitians and to ease the monitoring of their patients.

Remember, you can start using this version any time without any restriction and absolutely free of charge for a period of 14 days. Try it now!

For the dietitian

In this version, the dietitan can access Nutrium platform from address on any device and anywhere. Afterwards we present you a small demonstration and describe its main features.

Store and easily check information about your patients

One of the main concerns of the product lies in simplifying and streamlining the registration process of personal, clinical and food information about your patients.

Thus, in the first step of a consultation or in the patient's profile, you can store and check the latest patient informations into different categories:

  • Consultation information with the motivation and expectations;
  • Personal and social history with information about the physiological and social habits;
  • Food history with the usual daily diet, preferred and disliked foods and food allergies and intolerances;
  • Clinical history with information on diseases, medications and personal and family history;
  • Objectives where you can set goals of generic scope or for a measurement.

Review the progress of your patient

In the second step of the consultation process you can analyse and store new values for different measurements of the patient, grouped into three categories:

  • Anthropometric data such as weight, height, girth, body fat and body water percentages, muscle mass and triceps skinfold;
  • Analytical data such as the albumin, glucose, red blood cells, cholesterol (LDL, HDL or the total), triglycerides, hemoglobin, glycated hemoglobin, urea, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure;
  • Body composition data such as fat mass and fat-free mass.

For each measurement you can store new values, check previous values, set goals and verify and analyse a progress chart of measurements over time.

Set goals for the patient and for the meal plan

Before the setting of the meals, we present you a planning step where you can set goals for the patient and for the meal plan, always with the system support.

The first step is to define the patient's goals for weight and physical activity. To assist you, the system calculates the patient's recommended weight using the formula of Dr. J. D. Robinson (1983).

Then the system will show some calculations such as body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR) and daily energy requirements (DER). For these calculations there are always shown the current values, the recommended values and the goals which values are calculated by the system but you can easily change. It is important to emphasise that for the calculation of basal metabolism rate, the system uses the Harris Benedict equation but allows you to choose a different equation.

Finally, you can also set the distribution of macronutrients required for the meal plan. The system, by default, will present the values recommended by the Institute of Medicine - The National Academies.

Set the meals

After the planning, a step of meals setting follows.

By default the system will create six empty meals for your patient (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper) but you can easily eliminate some of these meals and/or add new ones, such as an additional snack.

For each meal you can add foods with the support of several food databases such as the USDA National Nutrient Database.
In addition to food of various sources, our team worked on mapping household weights for all foods so you can select and recommend more easily in amounts known by your patients.

When adding components to the meal, you can define groups of alternate/equivalent food in a simple way and check in real time various calculations, such as the energetic value of the meal plan in comparison with the energy needs of the patient, the distribution of the macronutrients and the total amounts of micronutrients.

Introduce recommendations and prescribe physical activity

In this step you can start by prescribing physical activities to your patient and using a metabolic equivalents (MET) database from the Compendium of Physical Activities (2011 revision), the system will present you an estimate of the daily energy expenditure for selected activities.

In this step, you can still provide recommendations in what concerns to water intake, nutritional supplements, foods to avoid and others.

Analyse the meal plan of your patient

In the penultimate step of the consultation process you can analyse the meal plan set in the previous steps.

Initially, you can compare the energy value of the plan and the energy distribution among the macronutrients with the values defined in planning step.

Afterwards it is presented a chart where you can see the distribution of micronutrients of the meal plan face to the dietary reference intakes according to the reference of the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academies.

In addition to the above, there are presented graphs with the energy distribution per meal, information on the total water of the plan, prescribed physical activities, distribution of macronutrients per meal, distribution by food groups and you can also check the foods highest in calories of the plan.

Schedule the next appointment, print or send the meal plan and of course, recommend our app!

In the last step of the consultation process you can print and/or email the meal plan of the patient, record notes of the consultation and we also provide a calendar so you can easily check your appointments and schedule the next appointments of the patient.

One of the great advantages of our product is that now you can recommend the installation of our mobile app to your patient where he can easily check his meal plan from his mobile phone, anywhere.

For the patient

As stated above, your patients can install the Nutrium app, available on Google Play, and enjoy the advantages presented and listed below.

Check the meal plan

One of the main features of our app is that your patients can check their meal plan at any time thus being free from the traditional sheet of paper.

The main screen of the app presents information about the patient's next meal and in the meals screen they can check the other meals of the day.

Physical activity, goals and recommendations

From the Nutrium app, your patients can check your recommendations, analyse their progress and will be reminded with the date of the next appointment.

Through the integration with Google Fit, we still present to the patient his daily physical activity and an estimate of his energy expenditure.

Notifications at mealtimes

Is one of the issues of your patients the fact that they skip some meals? With our app, your patient will receive notifications at mealtimes that will be important to help him stick to the time you have set for his meals.

Got curious?

If you want to know more about our product, we challenge you to start using it now!

You just need to register here and for 14 days you can use the product without any restriction and completely free of charge!

With Nutrium you can work with your patients to get better results! Try it now!

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