Nutrium is now available in Spanish

To facilitate the use of Nutrium to many professionals in Spanish speaking countries who feel the need to have our software in their own language, we now have available a Spanish version of Nutrium’s website and mobile apps.

Available in English and Portuguese, Nutrium is now also available in Spanish, one of the most-spoken languages world wide.

How to change your language settings?

Are you currently using Nutrium’s website in English or Portuguese but Spanish is more suitable for you? You can go to your preferences page and quickly change the language settings to Spanish.

Spanish translation is featured automatically

If you are from Spain, Latin America, Philipines and Equatorial Guinea and you are registering to Nutrium’s website for the first time, it will automatically be featured in Spanish.

If your smartphone or tablet has Spanish as automatic language, Nutrium will also be featured in Spanish.

Still not satisfied with the languages available?

Leave us a suggestion and we will work on the possibility to add them as well.
As always, we try to respond to the most requested features as fast as we can.

Want to start using Nutrium in your nutrition appointments? Register now to our 14 days free trial.

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