Nutrition clients can now register physical activity in the Android app

Nutrium mobile app is more complete by the day! Our goal is that all nutrition professionals, in addition to providing nutritional counselling for clients to reach their goals, can help clients achieve their fitness goals as well.

Now nutrition professionals can receive clients updates on their water intake, food diaries and also their physical activity updates through Nutrium iOS and Android mobile app.

We've updated the Android app so that your nutrition clients can now update you on their daily physical activity by manually logging exercises.

If you want to check how to register physical activity in the iOS app check this article.

Why is it important for clients to register their physical activity in the Android app?

Nowadays, it is well established that physical activity is a significant factor in healthy lifestyles and also to treat and prevent several diseases.

Consequently, it became essential to include the possibility for clients to register physical activity according to the exercise database already available in Nutrium.

This allows clients to have a more organised view of their record of physical activities, and also allows them to check if weekly goals are being achieved or not. Nutrition professionals will be notified of these updates and be able to see if they have met their recommendations or added new activities, all of this can be done in the tab, Follow-up in Nutrium.

What is going to change in the Android app?

Your clients are now able to enable the Google Fit integration at any time, through the app dashboard, by clicking on the heart icon in the section Physical Activity.

Here's the data that is now available:

  • distance covered;
  • number of steps;
  • energy spent according to Daily Energy Expenditure calculated in Nutrium.

This update allows clients to see their physical activity recommendations per week, to edit or delete previous records and to manually register different exercises.

Besides that, it is also possible to check their weekly progress and compare it to what they still have to reach.

How to manually register physical activities

To register physical activities, clients just need to access the + button and choose the option Register physical activity.

Exercises that are represented with a trophy symbol are the ones recommended by the nutrition professional, even though clients can always add new ones.

When choosing any particular exercise, it is possible to set the date and duration of the activity. Energy spent will be immediately calculated by the app.

After logging the exercise hit save, and the nutrition professional will receive these updates immediately in Nutrium. It is always possible to delete or edit theses logs.

In this new physical activity menu section clients can see:

  • the Google Fit integration;
  • the progress towards their goals;
  • the record of all physical activity logs.

To access this click on the left side menu in Physical activity or in More information on the homepage.

With this update, we bring together two key aspects of nutrition counselling which is so important for client success. Nutrition updates and physical activity logs are now part of the nutrition professional complete follow-up for both Android and iOS clients.

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