New notifications to improve the communication with your patients

Have you ever felt the need to make changes in the meal plan of your patient between appointments? Your schedule is always undergoing changes?

Nutrium comes to ease up the communication with your patients and, with this new update, they will be notified whenever the professional makes changes in the meal plan or on a scheduled appointment.

Thus, at Nutrium for Android or iOS, your patients will receive new notifications and will have access to a track record with the latest modifications.

Sending notifications

To simplify your work, those messages will be sent automatically, whenever you make a change in the meal plan or on an appointment of your patient.

The notifications with the meal plan's updates will be sent one hour after changes have been made in the meals or recommendations of your patient.

The notifications with the appointment's updates are sent immediately and will differ depending on whether you are scheduling, canceling or changing an appointment.

Notifications and history

As soon as your patients install the current version of the application, they will be notified about the changes and may see the history of these changes in the "Messages" section.

Next, we present an example of the notifications and the messaging screen on the Android app.

Patients with our iOS app will also be notified and may easily check their history.

Evolution of communication

We keep working to improve and create new communication mechanisms with patients.

Soon, it will be possible for both the professional and the patient to communicate directly, sending messages and questions through the Nutrium apps.

Sign up for free and try this and other features that will simplify and innovate your service.

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