We have added new units of measurement

To become more global and accessible to professionals from all over the world, Nutrium has just made available new units of measurement for different types of measurements.

Now, you can choose other units of measurement, different from those that belong to the metric system.

How to set the units

The units can be set either by the professional, on the software, or by the patient, on their mobile device.

The professional

For the professional, after logging in the software and clicking on your name, select the Preferences option, where you can configure the units of mass, length, energy and volume to be used.

Units of mass
  • Kilogram (Kg)
  • Pound (lb)
  • Stone (st)

The mass unit you choose will influence the default unit of the weight, muscle mass, fat mass, fat free mass, lean mass and bone mass measurements.

Unit of length
  • Centimeter (cm)
  • Foot and Inch (ft in)

The unit of length will influence the measurements of height and all perimeters.

In both cases, the definition of the chosen unit will cause it to appear by default in all these cases, when presenting the measurement values and creating a goal for it.

Unit of energy
  • Kilocalorie (kcal)
  • Kilojoule (kj)

The unit of energy you choose will affect the presentation of the energy information of the food, meals, food plans and calculations of daily energy needs.

The information of all macronutrients distribution graphs will also show values according to the specified units.

Volume Unit
  • Liter (l)
  • Fluid Ounce (Oz)

The volume unit affects only the record and the recommendation of water intake.

The patient

Clicking on the top left button, to open the side menu, select Settings and set the units you want to use.

Later this month we will launch new features, both for the patient, on the mobile app, and for the professional, on the software.

(Este artigo também está disponível em português em blog.nutrium.io/pt/novas-unidades)