New prices adjusted to your number of patients

In order to offer a solution to the highly variable number of patients per dietitian and to the fact that this job implies some seasonality, we have new prices adjusted to your number of patients.

Active patients

Now, every new or usual patient whose information, measurements, recommendations and/or food plan gets edited by the professional will be considered an active patient during the month of the edition.

In each period of time, the professional can decide the maximum number of patients they can interact with per month, and the available options are 10, 25, 75 or unlimited.

To see which patients have been activated so far, you can click on Patients, in the left menu, and then apply the Active filter on the search engine.

When a month exceeds or does not meet your expectations, your subscription may be updated at that time or in the next subscription period.

Main advantages

Depending on the volume of work and business, you can subscribe our program for different values over a year. For example, during the winter months, you can subscribe with the limit of 25 patients, while in the summer months, you can increase that limit to 75.

If you want to be able to start with a smaller sample of patients for a shorter period of time, it will now be possible to do so.

How to check and subscribe

You can check the new prices in our home page or in your subscription page.

In order to subscribe go to your subscription page, then choose the time period and limit of active patients in the current month.

We hope this is the opportunity that you have been waiting for to work with us.

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