New design and physical activity in the iOS app

We all know that recommendation and encouragement of physical activity are crucial factors in the nutritional treatment. That's why now your patients can see the record of their physical activity in Nutrium's iOS app.

We´ve also improved the design of the app so that your patients have an even better experience.

New app design for iOS

The Nutrium iOS app is now easier to handle and is organised more attractively so your patients can always stay motivated.

Now it's easier to send messages since we've made a more intuitive message icon and located in the upper left corner. Just like the menu icon, which is now in the lower right corner.

How your patients can check their physical activity

We've integrated Nutrium with the Apple Health app so that your patients can better monitor their progress.

In addition to having access to their daily meal plan, dietary recommendations and chatting with you in our app, your patients can also see their daily steps, distance travelled, and calories spent. All this in one place.

Synchronizing the activity record

Your patient should synchronise our app with the Health app. Therefore it is necessary to give Nutrium permission to show the activity record.

When you log in to Nutrium's app, a window will open requesting your patients' permission to access their physical activity data. Then just click on "Turn All Categories On".

How this feature will evolve

We are always working to make our app even more functional for your patients. With this new feature, we are planning for an even more significant interaction between the professional and the patient in the future.

For the next updates we intend to make:

  • The patient register their activity directly in the Nutrium app;
  • The nutritionist compare the physical activity recorded with the goals planned during the appointments;
  • The nutritionist automatically track the patient's physical activity record through the follow-up version.

We know how important it is to be monitoring not only your patient's eating habits but also his lifestyle as a whole.

We believe that this feature will help your patients to stay focused and motivated, and improve their progress.

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