Meet the team behind Nutrium

More than 3 years have gone by since we first coded Nutrium, but it feels more like that just yesterday, 4 college students dreamt that their idea would reach the dimension of today...

It all started with a bad experience at the dietitian. After a weight loss appointment and an attempt to have a healthier lifestyle, André Santos, CEO of Nutrium did not adapt well to this change and couldn't easily reach his dietitian, gradually started to get demotivated and ignored his recommendations completely.

André then became more determined to change this reality and find a solution. That was when the first version of Nutrium was born - a nutrition software which not only made all the appointment process much easier but also improved the patient follow-up and compliance.

This idea was developed within a school project in the Software Engineering degree of the University of Minho which granted them the prize "Young Entrepreneurs SpinUM". That was the right motivation to put hands to work and the team of 4 college students kept growing and now Nutrium is a global company.

You most likely have met most of the team, but in this blog, we are going to introduce you to our Nutrium family, the people that make Nutrium what it is today.

The founders

André Santos, the big boss

André is our dear CEO, responsible to manage all the teams, put strategies into place, envision the future goals and get fundraising. An unconditional fan of "Francesinha" (hence the need for a dietitian), "benfiquista" by heart with the travel bug, but most weekends you will find him at home playing Playstation or trying to spoil himself about the end his mindf**k movies marathons.

Diogo Alves, the "hacker"

Our COO is always ready to help. Diogo is responsible for the web development team, and also for the marketing and sales team support. He´s also responsible for checking the quality of all the codes produced. Love football, and is a volunteer at the Food Bank.

Pedro Carneiro, the deep focus

Pedro is our CTO and responsible for checking if the web app is flawless and making sure our interns are at the highest standards, he is also in charge of managing Nutrium infrastructure. On his free time, he likes to read, listen to music, run and do sports.

Pedro Maia, the cyclist

Our CFO is responsible for all things management and the company billing, in addition to programming on Android. We normally call him Maia and he is always travelling between Braga and Lisbon, loves to ride his bike while listening to good music.

The developers

Diogo Martins, the mascot

His friends call him 72. Diogo is responsible for the iOS app and also programs in the web. Diogo has always some (what inconvenient) joke at the tip of his tongue, loves to sing during office hours, and he can also drop some really good reviews.

André Geraldes, the gadget geek

André, but we call him 48 (they have a thing for numbers), is responsible for developing in Android and also programs on the web. Always inside the latest news in technology, a fan of Imagine Dragons and loves to swim in his free time.

João Coelho, the grammar-nazi

João is one of the most recent acquisitions to the family, he started by helping out programming on the web and working only in part-time. An admirer of football, stickers and the Portuguese language. Being a "grammar-nazi" is really a serious thing for him.

The dietitians

Diana Cruz, the first

Diana was the first dietitian to join Nutrium, and also the first female force! She is responsible for the Portuguese and Brazilian market. For reviewing and analysing all the nutrition science on the software and supporting the marketing team. She is from Penafiel, works in Braga but loves Porto.

Isabel Silva, the efficient

Isabel is the dietitian responsible for the Spanish speaking market. She revises and translates all the nutritional information of the software and also gives a hand to the marketing team. She has a thing for organisation and if we had to give her a super heroin name it could only be "The Flash".

Manuela Abreu, the scout

Manuela, also known as Nucha (we love nicknames), is responsible for the English speaking markets. She also reviews and translates all thing nutrition science related. On the weekends she always finds time to give some strolls with her Scouts group and in summer she likes to run all music festivals.

The marketing team

Pedro Costa, the nerd

Pedro Costa is our Head of Growth (#fancyname). He is the one who advises the team on marketing strategies, manages the team and analysis their results. He is a super nerd and loves to read and share everything he learns (that is why some times we need to (kindly) shut him up in meetings).

Laila Oliveira, the brazilian

She graduated in Law, but it never felt right so she embraces her marketing faith and now Laila is responsible to manage our social and paid media and also our blog. She loves to travel (really loves it), discuss current topics (aka gossiping) and binge on good movies. Her spirit animal is definitely the grumpy cat.

The designer

Nuno Dias, the control freak

Responsible for Nutrium's new design and all the illustration, and soon he will also make his magic on our landing page. Temperamental but with an easy smile and a clinic eye which does not let even a pixel go unnoticed.

The lawyer

Pedro Bacelar, the suit up

With a major in law by the University of Porto, Pedro is responsible for making sure the personal data of all clients and the Nutrium team is always secure. He also gives legal (and emotional, if it comes to that) support to the team. Always looking sharp and doesn't live without his music ranging from jazz to funk.

We cannot end this post without saying a huge thank you to all the freelancers, interns, advisors and investors who have made this all possible and helped us shape Nutrium to what it is today.

Our team works every day to deliver to you the most up-to-date and complete tool for your nutrition appointments, and to help your clients reach their goals.