Measurements progress report for patients

After much effort to comply with the meal plan and all nutritionist recommendations, it will be an added advantage to the professional the ability to show his patients the results achieved from the provided advice.

Now on Nutrium you can generate a report in PDF format to present the measurement values of the patients and their progress charts.

Measurements report

In the last step of the appointment flow Deliverables, there is now a new button called Measurements report.

By clicking this new button, a PDF file will automatically show the values of the patient’s recorded measurements, as well as charts presenting the evolution of these values.

Improved charts

During the development of this new feature, Nutrium has also improved the display format of charts in the appointment flow, step Measurements. The charts are now clearer and easier to interpret.

The data to be presented in the PDF file will include all measurements registered in the software. However, only the measurements with more than one registered numerical value will be presented in graphical form.

Upcoming features

Following this functionality, we will soon enable the professional to configure this data and decide on it's presentation in the patient's app.

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