Create meal plan templates to speed up your consultations

In order to continue easing your work, we launched a new feature that will streamline your consultations and the creation of meal plans for your patients.

Now, on Nutrium, you can save pre-calculated meals plans and use these templates as a basis for your patients' meal plans.

The professionals who work with us already claimed that Nutrium "optimized the time of consultations" and that the "development of the plan has become much faster".

Yet we continue working so you have more time for yourself and for your patients.

With this new feature, you can significantly speed up the creation of a meal plan and, consequently, your consultations.

Create, check and update your templates

In the sidebar at Nutrium, you will find the Meal plans tab, where you can manage your meal plan templates.

Check your templates

By clicking on the tab, you will be directed to a new page, where you will find a list and the option to create new templates.

When creating or editing a template, you will find a flow that is similar to the one of a consultation, but with only two steps.

Definition of meals

In the first step, which addresses the definition of meals, you can add and remove meals, edit their schedule, add food and replacements/equivalents.

On the right side bar, you can also check, in real time, the energy value of the plan, the current distribution of macronutrients, and micronutrients quantified.

Template analysis

In the second step, you can check a detailed analysis of the meal plan that was defined in the previous step.

In this step, you will find charts for macronutrient distribution, fat distribution, energy distribution per meal, protein distribution per meal, and micronutrient analysis compared to RDAs.

Save meal plan as template

To facilitate the creation of a template, you can choose to save the meal plan of a patient as a template to edit and reuse later.

For this, in the Meals step, you will find the Save as meal plan template option.

To save the template, simply choose a name, in order to facilitate its search and usage.

Start creating the meal plan by importing a template

With the templates, you can significantly reduce the time to create a meal plan. For this, start defining the plan by importing the template best suited to the patient.

You will find the import option next to the create version or save as template options.

When clicking on the option, the software will open a window where you can select whether to import another patient plan or import a template.

Remember that, after you import a template, you can adjust quantities and add or remove food and meals in order to tailor the template to the needs of each patient.

Have you had the opportunity to try this new feature? Access Nutrium now and send us your comments.

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