Disable your patients' access to Nutrium's mobile app

We are continuously developing features and updates to make our professionals' work more efficient.

Now you can enable or disable any patient's access to the app, anytime.

Why is this important for you?

This is a way of helping you to have a better control of which patients have or not access to Nutrium's app.

For example, if you have some patients who are not coming to their follow-up appointments since a while ago, their meal plan might not be suitable for those patients' needs anymore. Thus, by disabling their access to the app will prevent them from continuing receiving recommendations which are not adjusted to their needs.

Once you disable their access to the mobile app, they can only reaccess it with your permission.

How to disable Nutrium's app for your patients?

When clicking on your patients' profile page, you can see a box which refers to patient's preferences with an option to give access to the mobile app.

Then, you choose to enable or disable the access to that specific patient, or even to decide to disable to all patients at once.

Another way of doing this is by clicking on your name and accessing your preferences page. In presets you can alter your patient's access to the app.

If you choose not to alter any presets, by default, all your patients will have access to the app.

What will change for your patients?

Supposing a patient has the app downloaded and you wish to disable his access. Once you disable the access to the mobile app, he will no longer be able to log in.

A message saying "Please contact your professional to have access to the app" will be shown.

Our goal is to continue updating Nutrium according our professionals' needs.

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