New options to customize the email with the meal plan

Do you usually email the meal plan to your patients? Not sure about the best way to share Nutrium's apps access data?

In this new update, we have improved the email with access instructions to the mobile apps and we allow you to customize the email that is sent with the meal plan.

Customize the e-mail with the meal plan

In your profile (professional's profile), you will find a new preferences section, where you can set an email template to be be sent along with the meal plan.

To offer more flexibility, when setting up the template you can insert reserved words that will be replaced in real time with your patient's data fields.

Reserved wordWill be replaced by
[patient_name]Full name of the patient
[patient_first_name]First name of the patient
[meal_plan_last_update_date]Date of last meal plan update
[appointment_date]Date of appointment in progress or the last one completed
[link_update_password]Link for the patient to set the password
[current_date]Current date

For example, in the template depicted by the previous image, while sending the meal plan, all reserved words will be represented by the respective values.

New email with access instructions

The Send password recovery instructions button was replaced with the Send access instructions to patient's email button and now sends a more explanatory email to your patient.

In that email, we seek to explain the benefits of the app and present all the necessary instructions so that your patient can make the installation successfully.

We keep working to offer you more flexibility and customization.

Sign up for free and try this and other features that will simplify and innovate your service.

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