Customize the meal plan with your workplace logo

Distinction is essential to all professionals and, in our software, we seek to offer you the flexibility to implement your brand.

With this update, you can add your workplaces and, for each of them, customize the appearance of the meal plan.

Set your workplaces

To get started, access your profile (professional's profile), where you'll find a new workplaces section.

In this section, you can find the workplace that was defined during your registration and edit or add new workplaces.

Customize the look of the meal plan

When editing or creating a workplace, Nutrium allows you to set the name, logo and favorite color that will be used on the meal plan, which you can then print or send via email.

The chosen logo will be shown on the upper left corner of the page and the color will be applied to the title fields.

If you don't set any logo or color, the software will keep the current appearance of the meal plan, placing Nutrium's logo and colors.

Select the workplace before printing or sending the meal plan

After customizing your workplaces in the deliverables section, found in the last step of the appointment or in the patient's profile, you must select the workplace to be represented in the meal plan.

After that, you can send or print the meal plan with the custom look of your workplace.

We keep working to offer you more flexibility and customization.

Soon, beyond customizing the appearance of the meal plan, you will also be able to personalize our mobile applications and group your appointments and patients by workplace.

Sign up for free and try this and other features that will simplify and innovate your service.

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