Check your latest activities and those of your patients

Do you want to check your activity history on Nutrium? How about finding out whether a patient is using our application and if they have recorded their weight?

Now, on our software, you can check the activity history of your professional practice and also the activities performed by your patients.

Type of activities

There are several activities you can check:

Held by patients
  • Weight updated
  • First login on the mobile app
Held by the professional
  • Scheduled, removed, postponed or anticipated appointment.
  • Recommendations updated
  • Meal plan template created
  • Meal plan updated
  • Food created
  • Patient created

How to check?

In the gray column on the left, you will see a new Activities option. By clicking, you will find all your activities and those of your patients. You can also visualize each one of them individually by applying the "Your activities" or "Your patients' activities" filter.

Here you will also see two new graphics with statistics on the use of applications, including data about installs and weight registrations.

On the Homepage, there will be a new box entitled "Patients' activities", where you will automatically see the activities carried out exclusively by your patients.

What comes next?

We are striding to our follow-up version, which will improve the nutritionist-patient communication with the help of our mobile application.

Therefore, we will soon have a new notification and patient-professional chat system.

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