Introducing our chat between patients and dietitians

We just launched the second feature of the Follow Up version: the chat feature between dietitians and their patients through our apps.

Now, it is easier to know if the meal plan is being accepted by the end of any given period, solve a question, write the food diary to the dietitian, anticipate or postpone an appointment, among many other matters.

The patient or professional just needs to access our app and send a message through the chat.

For the professional

New messaging page

In the menu on the left side, you will now see the Messages button.
By clicking on it, the professional will be directed to a page where they can perform all the features associated with the exchange of messages with their patients.

New message to a patient

The Send Message button is located in the upper right corner of the messaging page.

After clicking, selecting the patient, defining the category of the conversation and writing the subject and the content, the message will be ready to be sent to your patient.

You can even add links and attachments (images, videos, PDF files and others).

E-mail when patient does not have access to the app

If your patient does not read the message within 30 minutes or is not using our app, the messages will automatically be sent to that patient's email, ensuring nothing is lost.

If the professional wants to send an email to the patient along with the message (regardless of whether the patient is using the app or not), they can also do so by clicking on Notify by email.

The replies sent by the patient, either in response to the email or as a message through the app, are still received by the professional in the Messages tab.

Last tab of the appointment flow

The professional can also create a message to the patient in the last tab of the appointment flow.

The send plan by e-mail button has been replaced by the send meal plan button, which includes sending the meal plan to the patient by message and also by e-mail.

Archive conversations

In order for you to manage all your conversations well, we also have the archiving feature.

Conversations whose topic is finished or that have already been answered or otherwise are not important anymore should be archived by clicking on the archive icon.

That way, the open conversations will be just the ones you need to pay attention to.

Browse and filter conversations

The Filters field will allow the professional to add restrictions to the conversations during a search, which helps to find conversations or view and browse only those you want.

Available filters: all conversations, open conversations, archived conversations, conversations created automatically, conversations created manually, all categories, conversations per category, all patients and conversations per patient.

Message notifications

The professional can accept to receive notifications or not, when their patients respond or start a conversation.

To enable or disable notifications, simply click the notifications icon in the top bar of Nutrium page.

Automatic messages

Nutrium is also responsible for sending automatic messages to your patients, which are: notifications about updates regarding meal plan or recommendations, as well as notifications about the scheduling of the next appointment or changes in the appointments already scheduled.

Automatic messages are archived by default.

How to use the messaging feature?

This feature will be available during a trial period for all professionals who use Nutrium.

After this period, to maintain the feature available, you must either subscribe to the Follow Up version or upgrade your Meal Plans version to Follow Up, paying only the difference between the two plans.

How to enable?

On your preferences page, under follow-up features, choose the enabled status for messages. Then click on the Activate to all patients icon.

If you want to activate this feature for a few patients, search and click on the patients you want. Right after the information, you will see the patient's preferences field, where you can enable the feature.

For the patient

The patient can also initiate a conversation or respond to the professional, in case of having the messaging feature enabled.

To create a new conversation, you must choose a conversation category, insert a subject and write the message, which will then be sent to the professional.


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