Boost your immune system at the table

Cooler seasons such as fall and winter are often a byword for colds and flu, weariness and wounds that take longer to heal, but this year there’s no need to be that way. There are food and strategies that help to increase our defenses and strengthen the immune system.

The diet that strengthens your defenses

Reduce red meat and its products intake

These are high in saturated fat, responsible for increased fat levels in the blood. Opt for fish, vegetable protein, nuts and legumes for the supply of proteins.

Avoid sugar

It is considered a drug, therefore if consumed on a regular basis, leads to loss of calcium, magnesium and iron. It is responsible for a general inflammation process, contributing to premature aging.

Vitamin D

It is a vitamin which effects on the prevention of flu and colds have been proven. A recent study published in the Archives of International Medicine confirms that its consumption may lower the risk of contracting these diseases. Consume dairy products, sardines, herring, salmon and liver.


This is an important mineral support of the immune system. Eat fish, seafood, egg yolk, mushrooms, beet, lettuce, cabbage, oranges and apricots to avoid the severity of the cold symptoms.

Get some exercise

Regular physical activity increases the metabolism and reduces blood pressure, stress, fat and free radicals. Combine both strength and other aerobic exercises. Climbing stairs or walking while shopping are included in these.


It is during your deep sleep that the body releases substances that strengthen your immune function, so try to sleep as long as necessary.

Focus on hygiene

Frequent hand washing helps to reduce viruses and bacteria proliferation. It's in the kitchen, curiously, that the greatest contamination is, so wash your hands before eating, after going to the toilet and when handling food.

Be happy

Feeling good about yourself is essential to your health. So do things that please you: hang out with friends, read a book, get a massage, go out to dinner, date...

This was the first article in our blog, from Dr. Ana Ni Ribeiro, nutritionist, author of the blog “A Nitricionista”/The Nitritionist and the book “A Minha Dieta”/My Diet.

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